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About Health Journey Pro

We have partnered with many experts, including M.D.’s, Nurse Practitioners, Midwives, Dieticians, and Fitness Leaders, to give you the best possible health restoration, fitness, and healthy eating coaching experience online and offline. From personal experience, we know how hard it is to sift through all the health information out there and find real, up-to-date, helpful health and wellness solutions to live your best life. Therefore, we offer full-service Life Coaching, Health Coaching, Performance Coaching, and Personal Development Coaching.

Our clients are excited to join our coaching programs to upgrade their body, lose weight, change their mental mind-set and life-changing habits, adjust levels of energy, health restoration, and increase emotional intelligence. Our clients are fascinating, varied, engaged, and challenging, which makes coaching exciting and rewarding. Our clients come to us for many different reasons:

1. Health & Wellness:

We help our clients improve their health and physical/psychological capacity. Improving our client's health and wellness is done in several areas: reducing weight and body fat percentage, enhancing energy levels, making positive changes in nutrition and lifestyle, and enhancing well-being, resilience, and happiness.

2. Performance:

Reaching a destination of each client and help them unlock their full potential, working with self-limitations thoughts, shifting mindset and perspective, creating a positive mental attitude, working with challenges to resolve problems, improve self-leadership, setting and achieving work or sales targets.

3. Life Skills:

Developing new skills and abilities to gain greater success in life in key areas: managing stress, changing a specific behavior/ habit, accessing creativity to improve overall life situations, becoming assertive, improving communication, making better decisions, improved productivity, and becoming a more effective leader.

4. Personal Development:

Transforming consciousness, perceptions, and beliefs, clarifying and living their values, and finding meaning. We help in these success areas in personal development to enhancing self-awareness, becoming kinder and more patient, getting clarity on and living their life purpose, cultivating a meaningful spiritual life, and developing a mature self-confidence.
The primary mission for Health Journey Pro.com is to help our clients understand their "WHY" they wish to transform their health, life and work with them in a mutual coordinate and professional manner to achieve massive success. Health Coaching membership includes Health Assessments, Meal Plans, Grocery List for Customized Meal Plans, Wealth Training, Vitamins, Supplements, eBooks, and video training. Our goal is to help our clients gain the knowledge to change, maintain their growth, and transform their health with healthy eating habits within a short seven-day meal cycle.

Here is my "WHY" I start Health Journey Pro.com. In 2017, after months of being tired and gaining 30 pounds, I finally went to the doctor for my annual health and wellness checkup. I received a diagnosis of pre-diabetes during that doctor's visit. I decided to take this medical condition seriously, so I read numerous books on overcoming diabetes. I changed by eating better, exercised five times a week, took key supplements to optimize my body, cut out sugars, and started biohacking my body. The supplements I started taking helped augment my diet and put the right nutrients in my body.

I overcame my pre-diabetes diagnosis, lost 20 pounds, and decided to become a seller of supplements and vitamins. Then the idea of Health Journey Pro was born, and I have been on a journey of learning more about how to improve my health, decrease aging, be energized daily, develop health and wellness programs for clients around the world.

My health journey fueled the fire in me to set out on a journey to help others transform their lives via healthy eating habits, exercise, supplementation with vitamins, and make substantial life changes. I made it my mission to help others live a better life in the health and wellness area, but I needed to educate myself fully. I start reading numerous articles, audiobooks, books and attended wellness training to gain a wealth of knowledge to help others transform their lives. Then I wrote over 250 eBooks on health, life, wealth, and life-change.

Our trained Business, Health, and Life Coaches bring the experience level of consulting, coaching, and life & habit change tools to ensure our clients gain greater success.

We operate on a primus to empower YOU, the client, to achieve your maximal potential. You are the pilot on your journey to creating a healthy lifestyle and maintaining ultimate well-being. We assist you in self-improvement across numerous successful life skills areas, increase wealth, and foster unlimited personal growth; we help you achieve your fullest life potential.

We believe down to our core and within our core business that "without health, you can't build long term wealth." We function daily to help our clients to increase or change their bad eating habits, manage weight, lose weight, start exercising, increase fitness levels, and live a better life.

Here are some of the exercise and fitness programs we recommend you add to your daily fitness journey:

  • HIIT
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Fast Fitness
  • Cardio Training

We continually seek to build our brand; therefore, we are looking for contributors to share their knowledge by writing blog content that will track back to your brand to help you grow. Our core business is to help others become successful in life, build wealth, and improve health. So, we eagerly look for talented content writers via their diverse voices to support many people worldwide. We are looking for guest contributing writers to share their diverse voices, viewpoints, and ideas on Health Journey Pro.com. Our combined energy, content, and positively rooted content will inspire the next generations of health conscience thinkers and assist in the life transformation of the many!

Here are some traditional and non-traditional areas we’re looking to expand on:

  • Wellness practices + perspectives
  • Intersection of race + wellness
  • Spirituality + Health (astrology, enneagram, human design & more)
  • Holistic Health
  • Biohacking (Supplements, Vitamins, and Environmental)
  • Yoga + Meditation
  • Men’s Health
  • Women’s Health
  • Children’s Health (Exercise and Wellness)
  • Science-Based Personal Health
  • Clean Beauty
  • Other: Pitch us your topic!

We are not common

We are not aggressive in our blogging
We are not inaccessible or exclusive
We are not preachy in our content or recommendations
We are not rigid in our viewpoints or have closed minds

We are open to new and innovative thinking

We’re seeking bloggers with unique ideals, but credible
We’re inclusive with the content on our websites and provide a loving, caring and provide helpful content to our readers
We’re lighthearted, fun and always conversational
We’re open, honest, flexible and we seek these qualities in our team-members, contributors, and clients

Thinking outside the box

We believe in improving our client’s health, wellness, fitness, happiness, and eating healthy in a holistic and whole life approach. I love to eat, we all do, so it is very important to balance that passion with increase fitness and exercising. However, our staff lives by the thinking that we need to “eat to live” and think of a creative way to help our client make positive eating habits changes.

We help our clients discover a passion for fitness, living a healthier lifestyle through small daily changes, and transition into a holistic, balanced life. Our motto is to challenge the standards, promote continuous learning, an open pathway to success, and realize new passions by thinking and stepping outside the “lunch” box!

We love finding a healthy and creative way to help our clients live a better life and gain the spirit and passion for living a healthier life. Join our program, take the assessment, select, modify, and customize your meal to fit your overall health goals.

Start your health journey TODAY! Explore new ways to get FIT, increase energy levels, LOSE weight, stay FOCUSed on transforming your life, and, most importantly, live a Happy – Healthy – Wealthy Life!

To Your Greater Health & Life Success!

Please contact us if you like to work together, you have questions about our coaching, you wish to become a contributor (guest blogger), or you want to start your health journey, but you have additional questions. You can reach us by completing the contact form on our website.

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